Streamline enrolments and waitlists to grow occupancy

A fully customisable, digital system for managing your waitlist and enrolments. Saving you hours each week, the suite of tools allows you to identify vacancies, maximise occupancy, and improve your efficiency.

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Enrolments made easy

From start to finish, you will find switching from paper based enrolments, to digital forms is so effortless, and takes just minutes.

Enrolment forms are customisable to capture the information that is most important to your learning service and families. 

The information from the forms is added to Storypark Manage automatically. This will save you hours of transferring information from paper to computer. It also reduces errors.

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Effective waitlist and occupancy management

It takes just seconds to manage waiting lists, and identify upcoming vacancies with Storypark Manage’s simple wait list system. 

Families are able to add children to your waiting list themselves. They can also check on their status, and withdraw applications - all online.

With the ability for families to use the customisable “Quick Expression of Interest Form”, you can be certain that any enrolment enquiries do not fall between the cracks or get lost in a mountain of paperwork. You can even add this form to your own website, making it easier for interested families to contact you outside of your centre hours.

Why use the waitlist module?

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Improve Efficiency

Save time across multiple touchpoints for both your staff and customers.

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Increase Opportunities

Our suite of tools ensures every enquiry is captured and nurtured until enrolment.

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Increase Visibility

Transparent reporting made visible through the simple user interface of our childcare waiting list software.

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Maximise Occupancy

Discover optimal allocation throughout the year.

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