Kiosk & Digital Attendance

The one touch kiosk allows for quick, digital sign-in and sign-out for both children and staff.

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Digital attendance tracking

A digital attendance system performs daily audit logs, and can trace sign-in and sign-out times, right down to the very second. 

Using just a mobile number and PIN number, families can quickly check-in their children using their own device.

For simple attendance tracking, you will love being able to record and manage absence records, with the ability to also add notes.

When parents use the sign-in app, you can provide them with billing alerts and announcements. No more having to call, email or find them at drop off and pick up times!

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Child Headcount and Staff Ratio Reports

A live headcount display will give you confidence that each child is accounted for. You can also see real time educator-child ratios, so you can be assured that you are meeting and maintaining legal ratio requirements at all times.

Save time and headaches with staff check-in

The kiosk feature can also be used for staff to sign in and out with each day. No more printing off, and gathering mountains of paper each year.

Say goodbye to processing timesheets and payroll. Using the kiosk feature for staff to sign-in and out, means that staff breaks and total hours worked are automatically calculated. You can also easily export these as reports for payroll systems.

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